Rocky Mountain Painting - Fabulous Finishes Since 1971Rocky Mountain Painting - Fabulous Finishes Since 1971
Rocky Mountain Painting - Fabulous Finishes Since 1971Rocky Mountain Painting - Fabulous Finishes Since 1971
Rocky Mountain Painting - Fabulous Finishes Since 1971


PROJECT                                DATE                            LOCATION                       WORK

Salt Lake LDS Temple        December 1982     Salt Lake City, UT      Restoration and decoration (Solemn Assembly)

Assembly Hall                 October 1982          Salt Lake City, UT        Restore, paint, wallpaper, grain, marble, stencil and guild

Salt Lake Tabernacle        October 1983         Salt Lake City, UT        Stencil and guild

Salt Lake Tabernacle        December 1983      Salt Lake City, UT        Marbling

Deveraux House*            June 1982              Salt Lake City, UT       Regraining of Exterior Doors

Salt Lake Angel Moroni      July 1985                Salt Lake City, UT       Marbling and guilding

Guatemala LDS Temple       August 1985          Guatemala                 Repair of defective wood

Seoul Korea LDS Temple   October 1985           Seoul, Korea                   Silk wall coverings installation, painting

Lima Peru LDS Temple      November 1985        Lima, Peru                 Decorative painting and guilding

Buenos Aires LDS Temple  Decmeber 1985       Buenos A., Argentina   Decorative painting and guilding

Brigham City Tabernacle    April 1988               Brigham City, UT          Complete restore, grain,paint,marble,guild

Eagle Gate Plaza                   April 1988              Salt Lake City, UT         Decorative paint, stencil work,wood refinish

Logan Tabernacle                 December 1988       Logan, UT                  Guilding, painting, stencil work, wood refinishing

Granite Tabernacle               July 1989              Salt Lake City, UT        Complete restore, stencil work, guild, wallglaze

Michigan State Capitol*      October 1990          Lansing, MI                 Restoration, decorative painting and guilding

LDS Business College          March 1991             Salt Lake City, UT        Restoration, decoration and guilding

Eccles Theater*                    July 1992                Logan, UT                 Guilding, decoration and restoration

Los Angeles City Hall*         August 1993           Los Angeles, CA          Restoration, guilding and stenciling

Chang Residence                  October 1993          Vancouver, Canada     Guilding, marblizing massive pillars

Chicago Womens Club         October 1996         Chicago, IL                 Marblizing massive pillars

Huish Residence                    October 1996         Salt Lake City, UT       Special finishes and bronzing

Kidwell Residence                 December 1998      Park City, UT              Wallglazing & Specialty wallfinishes        

Paulos Estate                         May 1999              Salt Lake City, UT        Special finishes, graining and guilding

University Mall                  May 1999              Orem, UT                   5000 sq. ft - Multi-color sunrise sky

Saenger Theater*             October 1999         Hattiesburg, MS          Total restore, plaster, stencil,guild,wall glaze

Flamm Estate                         January 2000        Salt Lake City, UT       Wall glaze, stain, antique finish OldWorld Timber barm

Color Me Mine                  January 2001 Salt Lake City, UT            Decorative Sign Ptg & Ceramic Faux Art

Rocky Mountain Gallery      Feb 2001-Aug 2002     Salt Lake City, UT    Complete remodeling & Faux Marbling

Park City Hotel*                    Jun-Oct 2003         Park City, UT               Wallglazing

University of Utah            Aug 2005-Jan 2006 Salt Lake City, UT    Historical Restoration  Interior & Exterior

Rocky Mtn School Faux Finishes  Feb 1985-Current  USA, Mexico & Canada  Teaching Faux Finishing Techniques 

Saenger Theater**           Dec 05-Jan 2006 Hattiesburg, MS           Repairing Stencil after Katrina

Ken Melby Estate             May-June 2006       Holladay, UT            Repainting after severe water damage throughout

Stein Erickson Lodge*        May 2006- Feb 2007   Park City, UT        Complete remodeling, Special Faux Finishes, Woodgraining & glazing with decorative finishes & Gilding

Parrish Estate                 Aug 2006-May 2007    Salt Lake City, UT   Faux Finishes, Metal Finishes, Furniture Finishes & Venetian Plaster

American Fork City Hall    Sept-Oct 2006         American Fork, UT     Restoration of Metal Ceiling with Metal Finish & Glazing

Ruth's Restaurant            October 2006         Salt Lake City, UT       Interior & Exterior Special Effects of Faux Painting

Harry's Restaurant          February 2007        Salt Lake City, UT        Special Faux Effects throughout

American Fork City Hall     March 2007           American Fork, UT        Restoration of Historical Safes

Fox Bay Condos                    May-Aug 2007      Park City, UT               Restoration of Woodwork & Exterior staining

Utah State Capitol*             July 2007-Mar 2008 Salt Lake City, UT      Historical Restoration of Safes

Driggs Custom Home       July-Aug 2007        Salt Lake City, UT        Complete Faux Finishing

England Mansion             January 2008           Salt Lake City, UT       Wood Graining throughout

Do Do Restaurant               February 2008        Salt Lake City, UT        Special Finishes on floors and metal doors

Utah State Capitol               March 2008             Salt Lake City, UT       Finishing project of Restoration of Historical Safes

Babcock Residence             May-June 2008       Salt Lake City, UT        Complete Custom Painting interior & exterior 

Potucek Mansion                 Aug-Sept 2008       Salt Lake City, UT            Restoration of Exterior Architectural Ornaments   

Twin Falls LDS Temple       March 2009
Twin Falls, ID               Special Wood Finishes

Logan LDS Temple          June 2010
Logan, UT            Painting of the Solemn Assembly  

Ogden High School       Aug 2010-2012     Ogden, UT     Restoration of Historical Auditorium

Utah State Capitol      May 2011 to Present          Salt Lake City, UT  Restoration of Historical Safes

Utah Governor's Mansion     June 2011           Salt Lake City, UT    Decorative Stencilling and Painting

Peru Temple Jan-Feb 2012 Lima, Peru Stenciling

Argentina Temple March-May 2012 Buenos Aires, Argentina Artistic Finishes and Digital generated stencils and guilding

Pioneer Ward Chapel Jan-Oct 2013 Ogden, UT Historical Restoration Project - Stenciling, Accent colors, Gilding and Artistry

Station Park R&O Construction Co. April 2013 to Present Farmington/Kaysville, UT New Project: Woodgraining doors, Verdiris on numerous metal roofs, special finishes throughout

Ogden Tabernacle Jan 2014 to Present Ogden, UT Restoration Project digital generated vinyl stencils

*Jobs/Restoration Projects over $250,000

**building was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005





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